Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer reading.

For the past few years, I've signed myself (and the boys!) up for our library's summer reading program. That sounds super official (and nerdy), but it really just means I hop online every few weeks to log our reading time or the books I've read. Then, when we visit the library we stop by the kids' desk and pick up prizes (and I grab my Target gift card and free book while the boys get half a dozen gift cards and treats). It's the best. Really simple, but it helps the boys feel excited about reading and visiting the library and it make me more intentional about reading for myself. Plus, our library has the BEST kids prizes (Chick-fil-a gift cards!)

Anyways. I was logging in my books this week and realized its been awhile since I shared some of what I've been reading. So here it is! To be honest, I've been reading more lighthearted and simple books to offset the non-fiction books I've picked up. Ever since taking a break from book club this year, the mix of books I read has changed drastically (aka I'm sticking with what I know). So after writing out my list, I realized its a bit boring and now I'm on the hunt for a few more fun books! Any suggestions?

 I should add that I am typically NOT a non-fiction reader. At all. I'll read maybe one a year, but they just aren't very interesting to me and I have the hardest time finishing them. For whatever reason, I've actually read (and loved!) a few already this year. I'm really surprised by that! I think its more of a testament to the books than my preferences actually changing (I don't plan to read any more non-fiction this year!). So the ones I've listed below are really, really good and definitely worth reading. :)

The Weight of Blood: actually a pretty creepy read. Overall an interesting story, but probably a bit to dark/realistic for me.

The Selection Series: SO GOOD. I've probably talked about these before? Crazy fast reads- you'll be sucked in right away. Probably the best (fiction) books I've read all year!

Unseen: I don't have the words to really say how much I loved this book, or rather, the whole premise of the book. So much so that I bought the book after borrowing and reading it from the library first! I'm slowly working my way through it again (and doing the deeper studies included after each chapter)

The Business Boutique: Another non-fiction! But if you have or are dreaming of starting your own business or side hustle, this is a super comprehensive and helpful book.

Simplicity Parenting: And another non-fiction. While not terribly ground-breaking, I really liked it. I have a background in therapy and counseling, so some of his ideas didn't seem new or inventive to me. But I liked the further look into what creating a quieter environment for kids (and ourselves!) looks like- especially how to facilitate deep play and filter out the adult world.

The Blue Bistro: Simple and sweet (if incredibly predictable) beach read.

The Hot Flash Club: I'm loving this series! I've read the first two and I think there's one more. The author weaves together the lives/stories of a few older women and it's just a fun read.

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