Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer reading.

  We're set to close on our current and new house in 11 days, but our buyers have been SHADY as heck. So maybe that's why I'm sitting here writing about my summer reading plans instead of packing the last few kitchen things or starting the deep cleaning that I keep putting off?

  But summer reading! I literally talk about it every year and it never gets old. Of course I've already signed us up for the summer program at the library, in case you were worried I had forgotten. Caleb is actually super excited this year and its fun watching him learn where his favorite books are (Curious George, middle of the kid's section on the bottom shelf. He runs there each visit!) and look forward to picking up his prizes.

  I think the combination of summer and being swindled back into book club when I tried to quit last month has just overall rekindled my love for books. Maybe it was having two littles or cabin fever from winter or just reading way too many non-fiction books, but I was a bit burnt out by reading this Spring. After finishing this month's book club pick in a day (it was such a good, easy read!), I'm hooked again.

  I don't have many must-reads for myself this summer, though. Just whatever is light and easy and fun. I can't do heavy reads that linger far after I'm done with them. I just finished this book over the weekend and bought this one with some amazon credit. But first up, The Kitchen House! I've heard everyone talking about it and I can't wait to start it tonight (hi, NBA Finals!).

 What else should I read? Give me all your best easy, fun, FICTION reads!

And if you need some suggestions, here the ten first books that pop into my head that I loved reading:

Light Between Oceans
The Rosie Project
Summer Rental
The First Husband
The Girl On the Train
The Millionaires
The Cuckoo's Calling
Deep Dish
Savannah Series (the 2nd book is blah, but worth pushing through for the 3rd one!)
Me Before You

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