Friday, August 11, 2017

Weekly Top 5 | v.2

  Happy Friday! All of the schools around us have started back up again and this week seemed like a treat with all of our favorite parks and museums less crowded. A perk of not having school-aged kiddos! We went to the zoo, splash pad, and children's museum and each was crowd-free and perfect for letting Tyler out of the stroller to explore (read:be wild) more than usual.

  I have been saying this for the last month, it seems, but I really want to get some smaller house projects tackled this weekend. Tiny things that have been on my list for month like staining some wood for our chalkboard frame, painting some thrifted chairs, etc. Crossing my fingers I actually make it happen! Other than that, we're also going on a date night and heading to a new church with some friends for fun.

Here's some weekend reading for you:

1. Slow cooker pulled pork. Some changes at work mean that Justin is home for supper more often, so we buckled down on meal planning this week. This is a new family favorite!

2. Perpetual meal list. Speaking of buckling down on meal planning, this worksheet is my new bff. I'm forever drawing blanks when thinking of meals to make so this is helping me have a cheat sheet to use. (I'm keeping it in my Home Base Binder)

3. Young house love. My new favorite podcast! This one is short and lighthearted and always leaves me motivated to tackle something big or small around our house. I especially like that it feels as if you're just sitting down for a quick, funny chat with friends.

4. Half marathon training/fitness blender. I'm a few weeks into my half marathon training and these are the two things keeping me on track. This was the best/most realistic training schedule I found. It has a great mix of short/easy runs and cross training. I actually don't love doing living room workout videos, but in a pinch these short (FREE!) workout videos are great. There are a ton to choose from and they are super straightforward and I can play my own background music. 

5. Back to school photo. I don't have any kids heading back to school, but this is HILARIOUS.

Happy weekending!

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