Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer reading.

  A few years ago, I found out the library around the corner from our house has a summer reading program. Yes, just like the one your mom made you do in 5th grade. And it is awesome. At least for super nerd like me who seriously loves to read. And somehow I can always make time in the summer more than any other season.
  So, let's talk summer reading! I finished The Girl on the Train a few weeks ago for book club and it was good. Definitely had me hooked with the author's interesting writing style. Afterwards, I was in the mood for something a little lighter and more beachy. I took that literally and picked up Summer Rental, an impulse buy at the airport a couple months ago. SO GOOD. Like, not my all time favorite, but so easy and lighthearted. But it did nothing for my strong desire to move to a North Carolina beach town...
  So now I'm settling into our pick for book club this month, Belle Cora. After that, I need to read Orphan Train since it's been sitting on my self for way too long! I also have a Donald Miller book that I've been meaning to read for two years, but that will probably be my only non-fiction of the summer. I don't love them and have such a hard time muscling through them. Give me a good, addicting storyline!
  And that leads me to my question, what are you reading right now? Or what's on your shelf waiting to be read? I need some must-reads to add to my list! {preferably fiction!}

Another fun fact? Caleb is also signed up for the summer reading program! And it turns out that every 3 children's books I read, I can count as a single adult book. Hello. Have you ever met a toddler? We read at least 10 books a day! I'm racking up those points...

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Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I am halfway through Reconstructing Amelia and I really like it- kind of a Gossip Girl meets Gone Girl mystery. I really like Girl on the Train too.

I may start the Maze Runner series next.