Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer reading.

  I just looked back in my blog archives and realized that this is my 5th year doing my library's summer reading program. That makes my nerdy heart so happy! I've started enrolling the boys too and it's fun to see them get into it (and by them, I only mean Caleb because Tyler is too little/wild to care!).

  I'm trucking away at my reading goal for the year (20/24!) and figured it was time for an update on my reading list. And, since we're heading out for vacation our family trip in two weeks, I need some new recommendations!

Here is what I've read since my last update in March (I'm actually surprised by the amount since I took basically all of April off from reading). My favorites are highlighted!

  • Home: Sort of a dark premise and I picked it up based on another book from the author that I loved. It was just ok and I had a hard time getting past the dark/unnecessary beginning. 
  • Everything I Never Told You: Meh. It was a book club book and we all showed up thinking we didn't love it but had so much to say about it!
  • The Fifth Letter: really fast read and interesting premise. Not amazing, but good.
  • The Royal We: Oh. My. Goodness. I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN. So so good and maybe my favorite read of the year? So, so, so good and fun. 
  • When In Doubt, Add Butter: I totally grabbed this off the shelf because of the title and cute cover. It was cute and easy to read. 
  • The Underside of Joy: A really sad book. I don't know that I loved it, but I'm glad I read it. If you like more serious books that make you think- its great for that! 
  • Here I Go Again: A silly, girly book. I liked it and loved how it ended! 

Ok, that's what I've been reading. Now hit me with your best/favorite beach reads! I'm talking fiction and something that you just can't put down!

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