Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday. {a weekly round-up}

  It's Friday! And while this week isn't ending at all like we thought it would (at the closing table, finally holding the keys to our new house)- it's still the weekend. And that's something to celebrate, right? Long story short, I'm frustrated/fed up/lacking any excitement anymore about this moving situation. I'd give you the details, but the past 90 days have just been dramatic and weird and unpredictable (no, Realtor, it is actually not comforting to hear you continuously repeat that in all your years you and none of your colleagues have never seen anything as crazy as our situation). But anyways, here we are. Another weekend reserved for moving when in fact we are staying put for a bit longer. So we're on the hunt for some family adventures to tackle this weekend and distract ourselves!
  And really, it is ok. Turning on the news or simply shutting of my mind and really being with my kids reminds me of that. Though it has sort of felt like life has perpetually be on hold/in boxes the past three month, this summer has still been full to the brim. Tyler is finally growing a little and is so fun these days. Caleb is hilarious and dramatic and every bit of a typical two year old. We escaped for our first date night in far too long last weekend! We have been able to spend time with friends we don't see often and make plans for a long weekend in Chicago to see more of them. So you know, I really can't complain. 

  But since it's Friday and I'm feeling wild, why not get back to sharing some round-ups for you weekend reading? 

. Courtney Miller does an amazing job summing about how we should respond to all the violence and injustice happening in the news and our communities lately. If you read one thing this weekend, it should be this

.These are absolutely the epitome of summer. 

.need a new book? You won't be able to put this one down.

.need a new show to watch? This one is super intense (the first episode is the craziest), but I'm hooked. 

. OMG this may have been the highlight of my week. 

.I'm getting closer to my 30th birthday goal (and my actual birthday!)- but I still need your help. Yes, as in the literal YOU reading this. Help a sister out?

. our cooking club had our summer Favorite Things exchange this week and it was maybe our best yet. I'm already wearing this, can't wait to use this in the new house and find a spot for this painted beauty (if we ever move), and I'm saving this to treat myself one night after the boys go to bed. (My favorite thing was a small pack of already-stamped notecards because I'm obsessed with mail right now!)

.Noonday's Fall line launches on August 4th and I'M SO EXCITED. It's so pretty and perfect for Fall and holiday gifting. And! If I reach my birthday goal to just have a huge impact with Noonday this Fall, I'll also make it possible to visit some of our artisans across the world next summer. Um, yes. So read all about how and why and what fun it is to host a Trunk Show and get your friends together to help change the world this Fall! 

Happy weekending!


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