Thursday, June 2, 2016

30 for 30: Gather, Grow & Give back.

  My 30th birthday is approaching this summer and I keep hearing the same question- what am I going to do to celebrate? Big parties or fancy nights out aren't my style and I don't love being the center of attention. But I'm not afraid to admit that this does feel like a big birthday and I do actually want to do something equally big to celebrate!

  When I think of my favorite things or what is most important to me in life (in addition to my relationship with Jesus) these three things come to mind: having fun and finding joy, investing in relationships, and making a positive impact on the world around me. So I've been thinking and I keep coming back to those three things I love so much- gathering with people I love and having fun, growing in relationships, and giving back to my community and world. Why not combine those three, along with my love for ethical and fair trade shopping, in some way over the next few months for a really big 30th birthday celebration?? Add to that a catchy name I totally copied from my favorite sports show to watch with Justin, and I've finally figured out how to ring in my 30th year in a BIG way!

  30 for 30: Gather, Grow & Give back is my dream for the next six months- from June until November I have this crazy idea to host 30 Noonday Trunk shows that have one (or all!) of my favorite components. Women gathering together for no other huge reason other than to have fun together! Or ladies stepping up to invite others into their home or out for drinks just for the purpose of investing in new (or old!) relationships! And, my favorite, big and small groups coming together to make an impact on the world!

The best part of this birthday party? You're ALL invited! But seriously, I legit want everyone to join in the fun. And I want to give back to everyone who celebrates with me! I'll be doing lots of giveaways over the next few months to thank everyone (all 30 of you, hopefully!) that joins in the fun. Eek! 30 trunk shows! 30 women to say yes to investing in friendships, gathering their friends just for fun, and making a big big impact on the world! It's a big goal, I know. I'm probably borderline crazy. But I'm turning 30! I want to celebrate in a way that is fun and not really about me at all! Think of all the fun memories with girlfriends that can happen over 30 different trunk shows, or all the ways we could start a new friendship, invest in an old one, or just encourage someone by inviting them into something fun like a girl's night? And the impact! You guys. The potential for impacting literally the world through 30 trunk shows is crazy!

  I have so many ideas swirling around my head for this, too. We can do small little gatherings of your 4 closest friends for a random Wednesday lunch at your favorite restaurant- just because it sounds fun and you never have the chance to do it! Or a night supporting a friend who wants to adopt (or even just blessing someone you don't know by calling your local adoption agency and finding a name of a family to support!). Or being really intentional about inviting that coworker who is new in town or the high school girl in your small group who could use some mentors! Or hosting a trunk show that goes above and beyond to give back- maybe collects diapers or games for the local children's hospital? Or just a crazy fun themed night- murder mystery, mother/daughter tea, playdate, wine night, happy hour, party on the patio, Christmas shopping with a purpose. SO. MANY. IDEAS.

Ok, y'all.  I'll stop blabbing. (I don't know why I said 'y'all'. Maybe I've been listening to too much Jen, Jessica, and Jamie?) Here are the details and ways you can jump in the fun!

I need 30 brave souls to help me reach this huge goal by making a simple Noonday Collection order OR hosting a Trunk show between now and November!
email if you're up for the excitement of helping me celebrate my 30th birthday over the next few months! 
{We can find the perfect idea that fits your style, circle of friends and calendar best! Ps. Who doesn't love planning ahead? And don't worry if you don't live near me at all- we can work around that!} 

And! The first 5 people to help me inch closer to my birthday goal will be entered to win a fun Noonday prize pack with three of my favorite pieces (hint: one is yellow and fun and supports Ugandan artisans!)

  Stay tuned over the next few months! I'm highlighting different women behind the scenes of Noonday Collection for July's Just 5 Things series and you will love it. I'll also be doing more giveaways and talking a lot about social justice and why I'm passionate about it! Here's to turning 30!

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