Monday, July 25, 2016

Rushes Make a Move: inspiration.

(top: one, two, three middle: one, two, three bottom: one, two, three)

  Ok. So as much as I want to be a Debbie Downer, it really does look like we're actually going to move this week! I've said that three times over the last two months though, so we'll see. Either way, I'm getting excited! I woke up this morning and instantly thought of our new house, which led to me scrolling through photos we took when we had our inspection a few months ago, and that led me to scroll through all of the random screenshots I've taken of different house inspiration I've found over the last few months. Ah! I'm excited all over again.
  I decided to put all of the photos in one place so I could see them together and have a better picture of all my project ideas for the new house. I LOVE seeing them all together. We know this will be a really, really long term house for us- which means less pressure to make it perfect immediately and also more freedom to make it perfect for us since we know we'll be there for awhile (we have talked ourselves out of so many projects at our current house because we always knew it was temporary!). The current owners have added a few pretty details like wainscoting and great paint colors and painted light fixtures and fresh white cabinets. The original builder added even better details like all hardwoods, granite counters, lots of big windows, a big entryway, and a dreamy double staircase!
  So, maybe this will turn into a house/diy blog? Ha. Unlikely! But I do hope that I have more and more updates to share over the next few weeks and not just a growing Pinterest board. Here's to the Rushes Making a Move!

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