Friday, April 6, 2018

Weekly Top 5 |v.7

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  Fridayyyyyyy! It's been a long week of phasing out of doctor appointments (hooray!) and staying home (because COLD and spring break) and Caleb feeling so much back to his normal self that he's had boundless energy (I will not complain. I will not complain.). We're all excited for the weekend- family breakfast date, a trip to the museum, a birthday party, and mayyyyyybe getting back to church if we're feeling brave enough to risk the germ pool that is the children's ministry (not hating on our church- every children's ministry is germ-y by nature!).
  On top of all the family time, I'm DETERMINED to carve out some time to get away and work. I need to get ahead on my day job work, but I'm also dreaming up and planning a new adventure (stay tuned!). Stealing a few minutes here and there at home hasn't been cutting it, so I'm planning an afternoon Starbucks work session. Anyone else have to literally leave your house to be productive??
  Oh, and the exterminator is stopping by our house in a few hours to kill all the ants that have decided to invade us. Say what you will about harsh chemicals or whatever magic they'll be using, I WANT THE ANTS GONE. We get them every year and store bought ant baits are usually enough to take care of the problem, but they came with a vengeance this time. So give me all the chemical treatments if it means my toddler doesn't run and scream BUGGIES all day long. Best $150 we've spent all month!

  Here's what I'm loving around the internets this week:

1. The Passion Translation. Have you heard of this? I like to compare Bible translations when I'm studying particle passages of Scripture and I love the Holy Bible app on my iPhone includes TPT now- its just a different, amplified way to read the Bible and I like how its given me some new perspective in my Bible studies!

2. A friend sent this HILARIOUS blogpost to our mom's group and I can't. It's so funny!

3. Susie Davis' podcast. It's called Dear Daughters and is different than other podcasts I usually listen to, but in a good way. I always spend days thinking over things she talks about with the wise women she interviews and its a great listen for women of any age who love Jesus!

4. The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. I heard about these books from Sherry (I say that as if we're on a first name basis) and THEY ARE SO GOOD. Pick them up from your library, asap. Seriously

5. My newest art print. Justin's parents gifted us the most generous thing while they were visiting- this print! I've had my eye on it forever and love it even more than I thought I would. It came so fast, fits perfectly in our living room, and is just the perfect way to remind us that 1.) our family is crazy and that's wonderful and 2.) above all, Jesus. Love Jesus.

Happy weekending!

Ps. Anyone up for a Mother's Day gift guide? I'm thinking of putting one together!


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