Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Caleb-isms. v.|2

It's so fun to read back on this post from August, I had to write a new one!

Talking about his "Happy Birthday Jesus" party at school around Christmas time. Will he be there mommy? Jesus is coming to my school! He will come out of my heart and we'll all pop out and say SURPRISE to him!
and later, after the party. He didn't come, mommy. Jesus stayed in my heart.

Seeing me dressed and ready for a dinner party (aka not in yoga pants). MOM! You're a princess! Can I take a picture with you?

On our way to preschool one morning. Where is life taking us, mom?

Driving home from running errands late one afternoon and already feeling anxious about having to wear his eye patch to bed that night. Is it almost nighttime mommy? Can you put the sun back up high in the sky so we don't ever have to go night-night?

While sitting in our kitchen eating lunch after preschool. Ahhh. Home sweet home.

Talking about some of his friends at school. Owen and Navy are my friends. Navy is my friend because she's beautiful.

Riding in the car while wearing his new coat and Paw Patrol sunglasses. Can you take a picture of Cool Caleb, mom?

When he wants to build a fort or pretend to camp. Let's have a camp-over! (a camp/sleepover combo?)

Talking about daddy being at work for the day. You work here, mommy. You work at home. You can't leave.

Waking up to snow on the ground on March 24th. It's Christmas again, mommy! Santa's here!

Repeating age-inappropriate lines he learned from the movie Ferdinand. Sucks to be you, Tyler.

Watching Ferdinand as a family. Daddy! You're huge like Ferdinand! (so. much. laughing after this)

Talking about feeling scared for a doctor's appointment and how you can feel scared and still be brave. In fact, feeling scared and still doing something is what it means to be brave. Oh! I'm really scared. That must mean I'm really brave! Am I brave, mommy?

Driving past one doctor's office on our way to an eye appointment. Mom, do you think Dr. Belcher and Dr. Moorthy are friends? Doctor friends?

When hungry but only wants junk food. My belly is so hungry. I want something tasty!

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