Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Caleb-isms. v.|1

(found this blog post in my drafts from this past summer. It's so fun, I had to publish it- after adding some updated Caleb-isms to the list!)

  I'm kicking myself for only just now doing this, but I created a note on my phone that I update with the hilarious things Caleb says. It. Is. The. Best. I've only being doing it for a few weeks, but I love all the things I've already recorded. If you have a toddler, you need to do this! I like the idea of writing things down in a cute baby book or whatever, but having them on my phone is so much more practical. Then, if I want to transfer them over into a real memory book one day, I still can. In the meantime, I'm not missing them when they happen. Yay for iPhones!  (Actually, I use the 'notes' on my phone for organizing lots of things!)

  This stage is lots of fun (I say that about every stage, right?). I love being able to have full conversations with Caleb and being surprised by the hilarious things he picks up on and repeats back to us! Here are some of my favorites from the last week-

one night after being put to bed and drinking some water, he called me back into his room. Mommy! There's water in there? (pointing to his belly) Jesus in there? He's swimming! Jesus is swimming in my belly! (we can't quite get him to understand the difference between his heart and stomach)

while riding in the car and Tyler has been screaming 'MAMA' for no real reason. Ty-wer! Don't cry! Mommy's right there. She's right there. Don't cry! Mom, tell Ty-wer to stop crying.

waking up the morning after we had a fire and roasted marshmallows the night before. Oh no! Sun, you go down! Time for a fire and roast marshmallows! Go away sun!

driving to church on an overcast morning. We don't have much time! The storm is coming! Daddy, drive so much faster!

after taking a potty break and not needing to poop. My booty doesn't work today. We try again tomorrow, right mommy?


Talking about his "Happy Birthday Jesus" party at school around Christmas time. Will he be there mommy? Jesus is coming to my school! He will come out of my heart and we'll all pop out and say SURPRISE to him!
and later, after the party. He didn't come, mommy. Jesus stayed in my heart.

On our way to preschool one morning. Where is life taking us, mom?

Driving home from running errands late one afternoon and already feeling anxious about having to wear his eye patch to bed that night. Is it almost nighttime mommy? Can you put the sun back up high in the sky so we don't ever have to go night-night?

While sitting in our kitchen eating lunch after preschool. Ahhh. Home sweet home.

Talking about some of his friends at school. Owen and Navy are my friends. Navy is my friend because she's beautiful.

Waking up to snow on the ground on March 24th. It's Christmas again, mommy! Santa's here!

Repeating age-inappropriate lines he learned from the movie Ferdinand. Sucks to be you, Tyler.

Driving past one doctor's office on our way to an eye appointment. Mom, do you think Dr. Belcher and Dr. Moorthy are friends? Doctor friends?

When hungry but only wants junk food. My belly is so hungry. I want something tasty!

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