Friday, March 16, 2018

Weekly Top 5 |v.6

 It's Friday! And actually sort of comical that I'm excited about it because, honestly the days run together completely lately. I've taken the trash two days early the past few weeks because I genuinely never know what day of the week it is. But I never miss a doctor's appointment! So there's that.

  Anyways, this week as been a good one. Caleb had a surgery on Monday and came down with a bit of a cold, so that meant staying home all week (literally never leaving the house except for a funeral!). It has been a welcomed break from therapies and doctor appointments, for sure. Lots of riding big wheels around the house, baking cookies, playing with cousins, and watching Ferdinand the Bull.

  It is supposed to be a bit warmer in Indiana over the weekend and I'm crossing my fingers that we can take a family trip to the zoo. Fresh air + family time + normal life things like the zoo are just SO GOOD for all of us right now!

  So here's to a good weekend to you, too! Here are few fun things from around the internets if you need some weekend reading.

1. My most recent Amazon finds (all super random). I'm expecting two of these lights to be delivered today, and I'm super excited about switching out the fluorescent light in our laundry room and adding one to our basement stairwell. I also snagged this adorable spring coat for Caleb and love it. And I am almost embarrassingly excited to hang this in our laundry room! Oh- can't forget to mention my cute pink letterboard that was on super sale. I love it!

2. Spring cleaning. I just printed off a cleaning this from here and literally can't wait to start it. I think I may do Emily Ley's decluttering challenge again this year (you can sign up for it here), and I'm adding a bunch of cleaning products to my grocery list this week to refill our cleaning cabinet (spoiler: vinegar is my favorite!)

3. You could say that physical health hasn't exactly been a priority to me these past few weeks, so lately I've been trying to squeeze in more workouts when I can and add a few healthier meals when it works. Fitness Blender is my go-to (free! so many options!) and Kelly's smoothie formula is literally the best at keeping me full and energized in the mornings (fat+fiber+greens+protein).

4. Statement art. While it is ABSOLUTELY not in our budget right now (or ever??), I am in love with this giant print from Lindsay Letters. How cute and perfect!

5. Things that make me laugh. We're rewatching Parks and Rec on Netflix in the evenings and how did I forget how hilarious it is?? Also, this Christian comedian makes me die laughing nearly everyday.

Happy weekending!!

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