Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Goals. (June)

(see May goals here

How are we almost a full week into June?? Gah, summer slow down.

The new month sort of snuck up on me so I'm late to the goal-setting game. Here's a recap of how May's goals went (two out of four isn't bad!):

Run/Walk with the boys 3x/week. I did it! Some weeks I even ran 6/7 days, so I'm calling this a complete win. The last week of May/first of June had a ton of rain so I need to get back into the swing again. It's going so well and I'm remembering why I love running. 

Summer bucket list and a day date. Oops! We actually tried to have a day date, but couldn't line up a sitter. And I need to simply sit down and make a bucket list. Doing it today!

Plan Playdate with a Purpose. Planned! You can read all of the details here

Organize file cabinet. Nope, not at all. So I'm carrying it over to this month!

  To be honest, it just felt great to set tangible goals again. It had been awhile (over a year?) and I figured it would take time to get in the groove. I also learned last month that I think I have more time on my hands than I really do. The boys, work, and house things truly mean my days are jam-packed, in the best ways. It was good to track my time and see that this is the case, because often I feel guilty for not getting more things done or letting other things go and feeling like I'm wasting a ton of time. I learned this month that truly isn't the case (I mean, I'm sure I waste a little time) and I don't need to beat myself up for how I spend my time.

  Ok, onto a new month! I'm carrying over a few of last month's goals and adding in some fun ones.

Get to the gym 2x/week. Since I'm pretty much back into running/walking with the boys, I want to be more consistent with the gym. I know at-home workouts are all the rage right now, but I love the gym. I love the time to myself, the separation from the physical space I spend 90% of my time, and the change of pace. Going to the gym usually means being up around 4:45, but it is always worth it. So I'm aiming for 2 days a week this month!

Day date and anniversary plans. A day date needs to happen. We also need to up our babysitter options so we have more for scheduling things, so I'm going to call a few more neighborhood high schoolers this month. I also really want to plan a night away for our anniversary next month and that takes a bit of planning. Any fun night-away ideas for me? 

Celebrate Caleb and Justin. Caleb turns 3 this month and two days later is Father's Day. Both are really, really important things and I want to celebrate both of them well. Traditional donuts, maybe a Caleb only date, and a fun Father's Day are on the calendar. I want to keep each no-fuss and plan enough ahead that they go smoothly!

Organize file cabinet. Carrying this one over from last month! Not terribly glamorous, but really necessary. 

Plan for Noonday Fall shows. Guys. I go so back-and-forth with my role as a Noonday Ambassador. It has been really challenging to pick up steam and find many people interested in hosting their own shows (blows my mind!). So, this Fall will likely be my last season as an Ambassador. I'll reach out and round up as many fun Trunk Shows as I can and then I'll simply transition into being a hostess. Maybe that's better? I love Noonday and would love to host my own Trunk Show each Fall, Spring, and Summer! But anyways, the specific goal for June is to reach out and schedule at least 3 Trunk Shows for Fall. (Want to host a Trunk Show Aug-Dec? Let me know!)

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