Thursday, June 1, 2017

Father's Day. (gift guide)

  Father's Day is two weeks away! I don't know about you, but the dads in my life are hard to shop for. They don't really want/need anything or if they do, they simply buy it for themselves. Boring! In case that's how the dads in your life are too, I rounded up some of my favorite gift ideas for dads who aren't trendy and like more simple gifts (Justin and my dad would never want things like a sock subscription, shaving kit, whiskey stones, or a Chemex) Here are some super simple, inexpensive gift ideas for any dad!

Mpix Accordion minis// I actually make one of these for Justin every year. He doesn't love stuff or things that take up space, so these are perfect. Instead of a big bulky photo album he'll never look at or a framed photo he has no where to put, this tiny book takes up little space while still holding lots of photos. Its been fun to build his collection and see how fatherhood has changed so far and it will be really neat to look back when the boys are grown up!

Chat book// I love the idea of creating a fun 'rad dad' book when my boys are older. Fun for them and a cute keepsake for dad. Chat books even makes it easy for you with preloaded graphics, etc. (see more here)

Thumbprint keychain// My sister received this as a mother's day gift, but I think it's the perfect idea for dads too! Just use more of a brown/tan clay and maybe a gold key ring and it'll be a bit more masculine.

Bro code shirts// If you know a dad of boys, this is too cute. You can even buy matching ones!

Top Golf gift card// Fun idea for a date night or you can even take your kids along!

Bluetooth speaker// Almost any dad could use one of these waterproof, floating, bluetooth speakers (for yardwork, grilling, or just around the house)

I love you book// This cute (and small!) book is a fun place to regularly add reasons you love your husband/dad. You could even make the habit of asking your kids what they love about their dad and writing down what they say over the years!

Powerbeats wireless headphones// Justin is the least tech-y guy, but this is the one gift that he's received and loves. Heck, I've even tried them and love them. Wireless headphones that are perfect for mowing, working out, etc. 

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