Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Goals. (May)

 Once upon a time I used to make (and blog about) monthly goals. Then I had two kids under two and nope. Keeping everyone alive and happy and loving Jesus seemed like enough for a good stretch! I mentioned it here, but it seems as if we're entering a sweet spot with the boys. Both are at an age where we can interact so much more with them and truly do things together (less baby naps!). With this new phase and just the warmer weather, I'm feeling all sorts of motivated to get back into real goal setting. Let's do this! (No? Just me? Blogging is weird because you're basically just having a conversation with yourself 😊)

  I set some broader goals in January (here) and they've been going really well! Each one lines up with my word for the year (steady) and I think I want to continue that theme with these smaller, monthly goals. Essentially, I've been working for the past year or so at just developing healthier habits overall and I want to use these goals to keep building on them. I like consistency, so I'm going to try sticking with three areas each month; self, family, community.

(Here is my counselor tip if you're setting goals for yourself! Research (lots and lots and lots of it) has shown the the most successful goals are one that are measurable, attainable, positive, and specific. Basically, be realistic with yourself and have a way to measure progress and make your goal positive (not something like lose weight or have less clutter- change it to

Here's what I'll be working on in May:

Run/Walk with the boys 3x/week. It's nicer out in the mornings and my boys are early risers, so its about time we get back in the groove of our morning walks. I have a bigger goal of running a 10k this year, so this little one will help me reach that. Bonus: I took a tip from Val and have started using this time to pray through my prayer journal and guys, its a game changer. Try it!

Summer bucket list and a day date. Two things that should be easy to cross off! I made a summer bucket list last year and it was great to work through. I want to do the same with Justin and the boys this year! For a date this month, I want to do something during the day because when we go out in the evenings we are both just so tired. Hoping I can get creative with this one and Caleb gets over his painfully sad "I need my mommy" phase for the sitter/anyone not me!

Plan Playdate with a Purpose. I'm hoping to host a bunch of moms and kiddos this summer to help our kiddos learn about serving others and I need to firm up all the details this month if its going to really happen! (If you're in the Indy area and want to join us this summer for a fun toddler service project, email me!!) 

and one more because I just decided I should really include more of a 'housekeeping' goal each month...

Organize file cabinet. Pretty straightforward. I need to label all of our file folders and move everything from our command center in the kitchen into the folders! Super exciting.

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