Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday. (weekly round-up)

  Hi, Friday! I really do love the weekends, especially when they're pretty wide open and free of plans. I have a few things I want to get away and work on (did you see my goals for May?) and it's just always easier to break away from the house/kids over the weekend. I'm also thinking of sending Caleb and Justin out on a date because that kid has been painfully attached to me lately. It would be so good for him to have a fun adventure without me. Plus it would give me some one-on-one time with Tyler! If you have more than one kid, do you do intentional dates with each parent? As the boys get a bit older I am already seeing how that could be great to implement on a somewhat consistent basis!

   Enough rambling- here's what I'm loving around the internets this week (and two free things for you because evidently I'm into free things this week!):

// I made these churro cupcakes for our Mexican themed cooking club this week and the were pretty good. The best part? They involved a box mix which meant they felt homemade, but with half the work!

// Did you know that this coming Tuesday (May 2nd) is Teacher Appreciation day? I didn't realize until today! If you need a last minute gift, I'm pretty sure everyone loves a good gift card (and I can send you a super cute printable to toss in a fun card!) Even if you don't need a gift next week, its the perfect time to start thinking of end-of-the-year gift ideas- these are some of my favorites under $40.

// I think I've mentioned this before, but it you want something short but really fun/interesting to listen to when you're in the car, this is my current favorite podcast! I would start with the Patagonia episode.

// My 1SE app reminded me to shoot videos the correct way on my phone and sent a link to this hilarious youtube video about it.

// I just ordered my first week of Hello Fresh and my excitement is borderline embarrassing. Have you tried it? Justin is a picky eater but I found some meals he's going to love! (ps. get your first week basically for free with this coupon)

// I'm probably really, really late to this but a friend told me about GrooveBooks this week and I'M HOOKED. For $3/month you simply upload up to 100 photos from your phone to the easy app and they send you a photo book EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I love that the photos come in book form but  are also perforated so you can easily take some out to scrapbook, frame or share. I like this idea for myself to help me consistently get photos off my phone. But it also makes a great Mother's Day/grandparent gift idea to help them get monthly photos for a really, really affordable price. (I got my first book for free because my friend gave me a code. If you want a free one just use code RUSH1984 after you download the app) Ps. If you want a bit higher quality photo printing/gift option, mPix is my most favorite!!

// I was one a big reading kick for a few months and unintentionally took a break for April. Now I'm having the hardest time picking up a book again, so I think I'm going to ease back in with the last in this series (super light, fast reads!).

// When I was working on my goals earlier this week, I kept thinking of this quote. So good.

Happy weekending!

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Allison said...

So many fun things in this post! I'm checking out that podcast, I love the idea of finding out about how businesses/people got started! And I've never heard of the Smart Girl series. Adding it to GoodReads for a summer read!