Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday. (a weekly round-up)

 Hi hi! The sun is shining, its the third day of Lent, and its Friday! Those three things together are just making me smile right now. Spring in general does this to me every year- makes me feel hopeful and excited and sort of like I'm waking up after hibernating all winter. I don't think I would appreciate it nearly as much if I lived in a place without four seasons (but you wouldn't have to pull my leg to live by the beach). And after nearly a full week of potty training (hooray!), I have a night out with my sisters planned for this weekend. Wine, laughs, and NO POOP PATROL. I'll take it!

  Here's what I'm loving around the internet this week (with a fun  giveaway at the end!):

// I work and do housework during the boys naps each day. Since my part time job is all computer based, its nice to have a background show on at the same time. I'm probably really late to the game, but I just discovered this fun BBC show this week! (available on Netflix)

// I had the hardest time finding Elmer's glue for Valentine's crafts last month and now I know why.

// Justin started Whole30 this week and as a 'farewell, sugar' treat I made our favorite cookies over the weekend.

// Whether you're participating in Lent or not, this podcast is great. Short and great for listening to on your commute to work or while you fold laundry- I love their challenge about reading the Old Testament.

// I'm really excited about the Spring Noonday Collection launch! To keep the excitement going, I'm giving away one of my most favorite (and used) things- a VMP Prayer Journal- to every single person who places an order or books their own trunk show from now until Saturday night! Simply place an order or shoot me an email to book your show (I have some March and April dates open!) and you'll have a fun surprise in your mailbox next week :) Here is the link to shop (or get a head start on Mother's Day and teacher gifts!): 

Happy weekending! :)

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