Monday, September 3, 2012

World's best.

Happy Labor Day! I hope you're enjoying this 3-day weekend as much as I am. While I was waiting for Justin to get home late last night {3 days is way too long to be gone!}, I decided to make my favorite cookies.

You guys. I know I've posted about these before, but they are just so delicious that they deserve at least one post per year. Seriously

These are the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.
Well, to me at least. While searching for the best cookie recipe a few years ago, I realized that everyone has a different definition of that. Some people like crunchy, crumby cookies. Some like cake-y. And others, like me, looooove rich and cookie dough-like cookies.
If you fall into that category...
these are for you. 

But you have to follow the directions. No getting creative or taking shortcuts. 
Or using your KitchenAid mixer.

So make these. And thank me later! :)


Allison said...

I love doughy cookies too so I will HAVE to try these. They look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Emily grapes said...

I love the 'using your hands' part. Saves me from having to get my hand mixer out!

they do look rather tasty. Too bad I couldn't sample yours. ;)
Emily at Amazing Grapes