Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday. (a weekly round-up)

  Guys. Spring officially starts on Monday and I can't wait. I have huge plans for Spring and Summer and they 100% consist of our family NOT being sick. While we haven't had anything crazy (I know RSV hospitalizations have been crazy this winter and thankfully we've escaped that), it's safe to say we have (read: I have) reached our capacity for the number of fevers, amount of infant motrin, and canceling full weeks of plans because we're contagious. GO AWAY WINTER GERMS.

  On a happier note, it's Friday and (if the fevers break) we're taking the boys swimming this weekend. If their fevers don't go away, it won't be too awful because Justin can help tackle cuddle duty! I also have a full, unopened bag of Reese's eggs in the pantry and a short list of fun projects I can try this weekend while Justin watches basketball. Dear Lord, thank you for weekends!

  In case you need some fun weekend reading, here's what I'm loving around the internets this week (including a fun freebie!):

// You've probably seen this viral video, but I'm laughing equally as hard at it's spoof!

// Free stuff! Shop today, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, and get a fun surprise. (see all the details here

// Really, truly I can't get enough of this show

// I've been slowing reading through this cute book and I think it would make a great (under $10) gift for a friend or even yourself.

// I stumbled on this blog I used to love and remembered how great it is for inspiration. This post about doable, small DIY is wonderful! 

// And this isn't so much a link as it is a little poll. Justin and I are in a rut with shows to watch together. All of our old favorites are becoming SO predictable/unrelatable or just not as funny (Suits, Designated Survivor, Modern Family, etc). Have any favorite shows? We need ideas! 

Happy weekending! 

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Catherine said...

You should watch This is Us!