Wednesday, June 29, 2016

  Remember my post last week about being intentional with these summer days and not letting the move, etc ruin our fun? Ha. A day after that, we learned our buyers were, in fact, as awful as they seemed when they continued to lead us on until our closing day- when they finally backed out of our contract. Suddenly, we found ourselves back to square one. Needing a new buyer for our home and having the home we wanted to buy back on the market without us. It seems to have all worked itself out again now, but we still have another month before we move and our house is pretty much fully packed. So, welcome to life in the in-between! Now I'm feeling more challenged than ever to embrace this imperfect summer. So what better time to share my Summer Goals and ask you to keep me accountable?

What are your summer goals? Whatever they are, give yourself lots of grace, have fun, and soak up the sunshine!

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