Monday, June 20, 2016

Intentional summer.

  Happy first day of summer! I have been wanting to get back into the swing of setting goals for myself and eventually I think I'll modify my bucket list (because you know, I completely abandoned it). I love the idea of imperfect progress and not letting guilt keep us from moving forward or setting goals or being joyful. That could probably be a separate blog post in itself, one about how I've tended to let this lingering potential move or my general anxieties about different things keep me from writing down or being intentional these last few months. We'll save that for another day!

  This morning, while I was pretty tired from feeding a baby every 2-3 hours during the night (weight check tomorrow!) and managing a toddler who is antsy to have his toys unpacked and room to play again- I decided heck, what am I waiting for? Let's have fun this summer!

  I started a mental Summer Goals list this morning while playing with Caleb and planned to put it down on paper but that was interrupted when I need to snuggle with Tyler for his afternoon nap. (That's the epitome of choosing grace over perfection- I would much preferred to have both boys perfectly napping and time to get some work done and clean a bit and then sit down for some time to write this list on my own- but we work with what we have instead of fighting against it!). So I'll write it all down tonight!

  I decided my summer goals will have only two rules- they have to be FUN and I will not beat myself up if any go untouched. Maybe I'll just shift them to my Fall goals or maybe I'll modify them or maybe I'll scratch them altogether. Doesn't matter! I think Lara refers to it as an imperfectly perfect summer? Amen.

 First up on our list? Send lots of mail. I ordered these postcards , picked up some new postcard stamps and have already been working on this one! It helps that Caleb is currently fascinated by mail and loves to go to the mailbox every morning with me!

  If I end up getting it down on paper, I'll share my Summer Goals soon! So far I have lots of fun fun fun things (sending mail, read lots of books, re-start running, get a tan, be outside). What else should I add??

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