Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday. {weekly round-up}

  Seriously, will it always feel like a mad dash to the weekend? This week was a doozy and it's absolutely credited to Tyler. That busy kid decided to start rolling to his belly, which is fun and exciting and blah blah blah UNTIL it means we can't swaddle him anymore. The whole safety before fun thing (and fun being SLEEP in this equation). Thankfully he's still sleeping through the night, but naps have been non-existent and so full of crying this week. So you know. Many curse words and lots of chocolate later, and I think he may be close to being able to nap un-swaddled. Maybe.
  But! Justin and I have a date night planned this weekend (thanks Chelsea!), which is just about the best thing ever to look forward too. So hellooooo weekend!

I must have been feeling wild, because I somehow tried three new recipes this week. This one is different that I expected, but I'll definitely use it again. I ate this for lunch 3 days straight. And this was ridiculously easy and delicious over rice.

Did you read the latest in the Just 5 Thing series? I'm loving all this mama wisdom we're hearing and can't wait for the Creative series next month.

I'm on the hunt for a new swimsuit (ugh) and have my eye on this or this.

Beach vacation with a baby. Is this a must? {related: give me ALL  your tips for roadtripping with two under two. Oy.}

Maybe I should be embarrassed about this? But I love this right now. Like so much.

Cute new tees!!

If I can be half as cool as Honey when I'm a grandma, then I've made it in life.

This shop is closing soon and I may need to finally snag a gorgeous piece for our home. Finally!

Happy weekending!

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