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Just 5 Things: Lauren Shepherd

  Have you been following along with this series? I promise, whether you're a mom or not, you will love hearing from these wise women. 
  When thinking about this series, it was really important to me that all kinds of women were included; big bloggers and shop owners, everyday moms and even some of my closest friends. So far, I've included three of my favorite bloggers and today I want to introduce you to one of my best friends. Lauren and I went college together and were roommates senior year. We were in each others weddings and have walked through moves, job changes, four pregnancies, and just so much life together. Between the two of us, we've had 4 boys (!!) in the last two years and it has been so sweet for me to have a friend to walk through these early years of mothering with.
  She's also one of those people that you just want to be around because you can feel how deeply rooted in Jesus she is and you always leave feeling a little wiser because of her. She also has a killer knack for creating beautiful spaces! (Help me convince her to re-start her blog to share her gorgeous farmhouse!) 
  Lauren's experience as a mom is a really beautiful and painful one, and maybe you can relate. This May will mark her son Oak's second birthday and will be followed shortly by Davy's first birthday- such a real mix of bittersweetness. Her answer to #5 will surely make you cry and I so love her answer to #4- there's nothing more important than Jesus and relationships with people you love. Yes

Just 5 Things

1. Give us your elevator speech. What's your go-to way to introduce yourself?

I'm Lauren - midwestern wife and mother, infrequent writer, follower of Jesus.

My husband, Mark, and I have been married almost seven years, but we've loved each other since we were 18. After getting married and graduating college, we spent some time in Indiana and then Colorado before landing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While in Colorado, our first son, Oak Philip, was born still three days before his due date, changing our lives forever. Fourteen months later, our second son, Davy Wayne, joined us and has filled our hearts with deep joy and our home with laugher again. 

I used to work in nonprofit fundraising and marketing, but now I mainly spend my days with Davy and fixing up the old farmhouse we now call home. 

2. What has surprised you the most about being a mom?

I was so surprised by how quickly Davy's personality and opinions started appearing! Even as a little newborn, it was clear what made him happy, annoyed, calm, etc. and so much of that has stayed the same as he's grown. The other thing that's really surprised me is how I suddenly felt this instant connection to other moms - even women that I otherwise have nothing in common with! There's something funny about motherhood that makes you want to talk for hours about things like sleep training, baby food recipes, and diaper brands. It's crazy!

3. What is one thing you say 'no' to (or hire out!) in order to say 'yes' to better things?

The main thing I've said "no" to in this season is full-time work. After Davy was born, I went back to a job that I loved for four months before deciding that I needed to create more space for health and balance in my life and our home. I loved my job, but after moving across the country, back-to-back pregnancies, and months of grief, we decided it was time to make some changes - the first being that I would become a stay-at-home mom. I've been home full time for two months now and it's been a really, really beautiful season for our family. I don't think it will be permanent (I love working!), but these days where I have plenty of margin to invest in my family, church, and community are so life-giving! 

4. What would you tell your 10 year younger self about being a mom (or life in general!)?

To take life one day at a time, and that there's nothing more important than Jesus and relationships with the people you love. 

5. If you could repeat one moment or part of being a mom over and over, what would it be?

My birthing experience with Davy was so redeeming after having a stillbirth the year before. Labor itself was similar with both boys, but the moments and days that followed Oak's birth/death were so terribly shocking and heartbreaking. When I heard Davy's first cries and finally got to meet him and see his eyes open, I felt joy like never before. The next few days in the hospital felt so surreal - we couldn't believe he was alive and that we got to take hime home! I'd relive those first days together again and again if I could. 

Lauren, THANK YOU for sharing this week! Wish I could give you the biggest hug and have a long coffee date with you!
Want to hear more from Lauren? You can find her here:
(but you should definitely leave a comment telling her to re-start her blog because she's an amazing writer!)

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Sarah Voorhees said...

Yes I love me some Lauren Shepherd! And I totally agree about the blog! I'm subscribed and it would make my day to see a post pop up. Thank you so much for sharing the good and the hard things that life has brought along. I second what Katie said that being around you is so refreshing and inspiring. Love you both!