Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday. {weekly round-up}

 Whoosh. This week was crazy. I don't think I've quite gotten my footing since my maternity leave ended from my part time job and it seems to have taken up any free moment I had this week. That, and the boys and I have had one of those really full, on the go weeks (that we LOVE). So it's sort of crazy that it's friday already, but I can't wait. I have lots of plans to soak in the warmer weather, celebrate one of my favorite high school girlfriends at her bridal shower, introduce Tyler to some friends, and finally get into a consistent workout groove. I'm determined to make some sacrifices to feel strong and healthy!
  What are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is, have fun!

"Making it to naps one activity at a time." This website is amazing!

I posted this photo yesterday and got lots of comments on those amazing earrings. So out of my comfort zone, but honestly the cutest and most lightweight earrings I've ever owned!

Did you see my Just 5 Things series that started this week? Loved hearing from Kate this week!

Ok, so I've mentioned this book a hundred times. But I really, really think every women needs to read it. It will change the way you study the Bible!

I know there are mixed reviews, but I sort of love this.

So much fun getting peek behind the scenes of my favorite Spring goodies!

With their doors closing soon, I feel like I have to finally order a piece from this shop.

I've been crazy busy with work this week, but can't wait to take a look at this menu plan a friend sent me.

I'm not thrilled about the possibility of Trump becoming our president, but this really challenged me. Amen, Jen.

You guys. A blog dedicated to ALL THINGS TARGET. Literally. That's the name of it!

I'm getting ready to paint our kitchen (we're in full get-the-house-market-ready mode!) and I can't help but dream about this lovely space!

Happy weekending!

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