Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Just 5 things: a new series.

  I've been dreaming up a way to chat with different women across different seasons of life, having the chance to pick their brain and just glean a little wisdom from them about life. I love community and really strongly believe that asking questions and learning from others is just a really important part of life. Every woman has something to offer and I love that this new series will give me (and you!) a chance to hear from so many amazing ladies. There will be a different focus each month and every Wednesday you'll hear from a different woman- and her answers to 5 simple questions. 5 simple and sweet questions that I'm asking each one- mamas, creatives, chefs, health nuts, authors...and more! 
  We're focusing on Mamas this month, which just seems right. I'm thick in this season of being a mom and its a topic that is just close to my heart right now. The series kicks off tomorrow with one my favorite bloggers and boy moms- so come back to hear her answers to the simple questions about being a mom! 
 Its been so exciting to dream up a list of ladies I'd love to learn from and have so many of them agree to join me in this fun new series. You will love this line-up of ladies and I guarantee that you already know so many of them! Have a focus or lady you'd love to include? Leave me a comment and I'll reach out to them! And come back tomorrow! 

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