Monday, March 7, 2016

Winter faves.

  Did you you know that Spring officially starts in three weeks?? I always love this time of year. Actually, I say that with every new season. But whatever. Spring! It's been a crazy mild winter (not complaining!) and we're already having days in the 60's. Either way, I'm getting super off track and talking about the weather, which is sort of one of my pet peeves.
  Its been forever since I've done one of these (summer, I think?), so here's what I've been loving this summer!
  Justin went rogue and surprised me with these amazing flats for Christmas and I can't say enough about them. As an Ugg/ankle bootie-hater, my winter shoe game is lame. I live in flats and these are the most comfortable and durable things ever.
  Having a baby at the very beginning of winter has meant a lot of lounging around the house or just in general living in what I believe the fashion police call 'athleisure.' Ha. While I haven't done a ton of actual working out besides walking the track at the gym, I have lived in this hoodie. It was gift and a total splurge, but its amazingly comfy and warm and I love it.
  Ok, so I haven't had a ton of reasons to leave the house or get dressed up this winter. But just painting my nails makes me feel a bit more put together even if I haven't worn a real bra in a month. This color is my absolute fav right now. Another easy way to just feel a bit more put together? These earrings are everything. And that is coming from a non-earring girl. These butter-y leather beauties are SO comfortable, I don't even remember I'm wearing them. And they seem to go with just about everything. Plus, they make me really trendy since some of my favorites wear them, too!
  And you know I love a good tea. On the good mornings that I'm able to get up before the boys, a mug of this and some time with my favorite journals make for the perfect start to the day.
  I literally tell anyone who will listen about these journals. I've been using them for almost two years, and they are just a part of my morning routine now! I love the content so much, but the size and how they fits so perfectly into my planner or bag might be my favorite part right now. Less clutter lying around!
  It's funny that I'm writing this just as Spring is starting. Before Tyler came, I was dreading being couped up all winter long with two kiddos. But you know? It's been sort of wonderful. We certainly have lots of toddler tantrums and nap battles with the baby and all that not fun stuff. But having an excuse to lounge around and snuggle babies and this mild winter have all made these past few months pretty fun. But still, I'm ready for less layers and open windows and adventuring outside of the house more. Come on, Spring!

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