Friday, November 20, 2015

Grace, not perfection. {weekly round-up}


 With only a few weeks {days??} until this baby makes his arrival, our calendar seems to be crazy busy. To be honest, I've been really terrible at overcommitting and communicating with Justin about schedules. Add to that some sickness {for Caleb and myself} and I've just had to ask for a lot of grace lately. I've been tempted to be embarrassed, but instead people have been so generous. My parents took Caleb overnight a few weekends ago so Justin and I could tackle our to-do list, friends easily give grace when I've canceled plans, and Justin has been beyond patient with our overloaded schedule. 
  So I'm obviously loving this print by Emily Ley. I'm also in the middle of my annual re-read of this book and just happened finish the chapter perfectly titled Grace this week. Let's all give {and not be so afraid to ask for} grace this holiday season. Well, always. I love feeling free enough to have a friend come over to babysit while my house is clearly not clean. How relieving is it to be worried about disappointing someone, only to have them genuinely tell you its OK and to just give you a big hug? Grace is a great thing. I have a feeling that as I add another kiddo to our family and our level of crazy inevitably rises, I'll only appreciate grace more and more these next few months. So even though I'm in a season of needing tons of grace, I'm looking for every chance I can find to give it away to others, too!
  And clearly this blog isn't held to a standard of perfection, because I have no less than 5 posts in my drafts that just haven't been finished lately. I start each week thinking I'll be on top of it, but it just doesn't happen. Which is crazy, because I probably do have the time. I've just been drawing a blank nearly every time I sit to write. {clearly not today!}
  Anyways. Enough of that! Let's talk about some fun things. Need some reads for your weekend?

//This Christmas tradition for kids might be my favorite. {And what we decide to do instead of Elf on the Shelf!}

//This kid. I can't handle how awesome he is. {This is an even better example of how cool he is}

//So, I'm clearly not in the market for new clothes at this exact moment. But if I was, this would make my list.

//I CAN'T WAIT to start using my new Emily Ley planner and have another one up for grabs! If you're in the market for one- let me know!! I'll probably throw it up on ebay next week if no one claims it :)

//This commercial. Come on.

//And this. {clearly I'm on a big Ellen kick right now...}

//This post hit me hard and has been rolling around in my head ever since I read it. What do you think?

//If these are for sale anywhere,  I want to know asap. 

Happy weekending!!

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Maggie and Ben said...

I'm in the market for a new planner if it's still available!