Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekly round-up.


Halloween 2014
  Happy Friday! Have any fun weekend plans? We're going trick or treating with family tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about Caleb's ridiculous costume. We're also still on the church hunt {have I mentioned that? We're looking for a new church home!}, so we might go to a Saturday service. Other than than, I think I'll just try to convince Justin to help me hang a couple of shelves in the nursery and maybe even find some time to paint it. Hello, low-key weekend!!

Worth mentioning? I blogged every day this week! In case you missed it: Caleb {16 months}, Tiny seeds, Currently, and 33 weeks {round two}.

//As a social worker who has worked with tons of great dads that break the stereotypes, I loved this.

// Stumbled on this post and love the encouragement to stick with blogging.

// One more day to enter this fun giveaway {that supports a local adoptive family!!!}. Enter! 

// A new Happy Hour podcast has me really wanting to read this book, even though it kills my "stick with fiction" resolve. 

// Can it just be Christmas already?? 

// A lady in my Bible study was talking about this awesome service and I'm FOR SURE trying it out asap. Or as soon as I have two kids in tow and don't want to do grocery shopping on my own. 

// Ok, so this isn't a link to read. But its worth mentioning because I feel so strongly about it. If one more person posts a picture of pumpkin pie on social media, I think I'll just break down this weekend and buy one for myself. I can't handle it anymore. I want pie! #pregnantladyproblems

Happy weekending!

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