Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Good people.

Women from an adoption Trunk Show over the weekend. They're showing off their #WorldAdoptionDay smiley faces on their hands!

  Caleb has been fighting a bad fever the last few days, which has been some extra and sporadic naps. Anyways, that just means I was able to watch Ellen yesterday while he took a second nap. And I saw this clip of Ellen blessing the pants off Tayt and his mom {watch it here}. 

  Naturally, I cried. Through the entire thing. It's just that, good people doing good things gets to me. Plus I'm pregnant, so its easy to get me crying these days. But seriously. How amazing is that? {you'll have to watch the video to see what I mean!}

  The average person doesn't have millions of dollars or the ability to just give cars away like Ellen. I don't think that matters, though. We all have something to give. Its relative. We ALL have time, talents, and resources that we can share. I think that's why I love being a Noonday Ambassador. Every single person reading this is going to be shopping for Christmas gifts, right? Noonday {and other great companies like it!!!} offer the chance to shop for great gifts AND be a part of something bigger. Help families with their adoption costs. Support artisans across the globe that, without support from businesses like Noonday, would not be able to earn a dignified living and provide for their family. 

  So anyways, that's what leads me to a really simple way that YOU can make a difference today. A local Indy couple is waiting to domestically adopt a sweet baby, so Katie and I teamed up to help them out. She held a Trunk Show in her home over the weekend to raise money for them and we were both blown away by how many people decided to shop and support them. Even better? 2 people decided to MATCH Noonday's contributions to the family- so they're going to receive a whopping 30% of sales from the Trunk Show to directly support their adoption costs. Guys. That is amazing! Here's where you can help! If you're reading this, I'm challenging you to pick just two women on your Christmas list to shop Noonday Collection for. Snag them a gift that is beautiful and carries a story AND will directly impact this family's adoption. You're going to buy them a gift anyway, why not make it one that impacts others too? 
  And if you need some help, can I suggest some of my favorites? 

//Brushfire scarf// I own this and truly love it. SO warm and snuggly and just the right mix of colors that go with anything. Plus it's partially made from Alpaca wool, which is just cool.

//Conception scarf// I LOVE this beauty. The colors are gorgeous AND its on sale. {see all the sale goodies here}

//Any necklace// That's general, right? I just have so many favorites. I wear the Ibis nearly everyday right now, but I've got my eye on the classy Desert Rope. If you know someone who loves color or statement pieces, the Minted Necklace is hands down our best seller. Also, the Lovely Loops makes the perfect gift for any girly girl!

//Rustic Leather Tote// Ok, this bag is perfect for anyone on your Christmas list. The pictures on the website don't do it justice, but Instagram is killing it with the hashtag #RusticLeatherTote {see it here}. It's big and beautiful and only gets better with time {really. It gets softer and darker}. I love mine and am using it as a diaper bag right now! Buy this for a sister, cousin, friend, YOURSELF, whoever. They will love it and love you forever!

//Metric cuff// This one sort of snuck up on me, but after the 10th person bought one this weekend I decided it's worth the hype. Subtle, affordable {$20!}, and really cute. Definitely a great gift, especially for a girlfriend or any gift exchange you have coming up this Christmas!

//Cubed studs// So, I'm not a huge earring person and I tend to stick with basic gold studs or pearls. Call me simple. But that's why I love these basic beauties! 

 Have I convinced you to kickstart your Christmas shopping yet? Here's some extra incentive to get going! The first three orders that come through today {Tuesday, Nov 3rd} will get a $10 Starbucks cards! Ladies, let's shop for good. Let's cross some names off our Christmas list while shopping intentional- helping artisans around the world create a dignified living for themselves AND helping the Weller's bring their adopted baby home! 

Here's the direct link to shop the show and support the family!

Ready? Let's shop and change the world!

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