Thursday, October 29, 2015

Caleb. {16 months}

  I just want to bottle this age up. Caleb has so much personality and energy and is just a little sponge.  He was such a calm, easy going baby and didn't express his opinion much. That's changed! While he's still easy going and happy to entertain himself, he is so vocal and busy as a 16 month old. Its a fun {and exhausting} stage that I love.

So I don't forget {and can copy into his Project Life book one day}, here's a snapshot of Caleb at 16 months:

-intentionally says a ton of words {no, go, car, Mia, book, dog, night night, bubbles, baby, belly, Boom Boom-for Chick Chicka Boom Boom book, duck}, even though Justin and I are the only ones that understand most of them

-LOVES reading. I can't emphasize that enough. He brings book after book to my lap, backs his booty up, and plops down to read them one by one. Over and over. {we need new books}

-Understands so much! If I start reciting a book from memory, he will go find that book and bring it to me to read.

-has a little imagination! He's started pretending to eat from things he's holding in the grocery cart, drinking from cups/bowls, and just in general playing with dishes {we need a play kitchen, right??}

-points to his belly, tongue, and {sometimes} nose

-his favorite books are Where Is Baby's Belly Button, The Napping House, and Thomas: Crack in the Track

- favorite people are his dad and cousin Mia. Both can get him to laugh at anything and put him in a good mood every time he sees them

-so much more outgoing! He used to be very reserved and shy, especially around strangers. A very serious baby! No more. We can't go anywhere without flirtatious smiles and a million Hi's/Byes to everyone we see

-takes one nap a day

-more and more of a picky eater. But still a big eater! {clearly, he's not skinny}

-still loves his Monkey, but can sleep and be soothed easily without it

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Allison said...

He is adorable and you look great!! Looks like a fun day. :)