Friday, October 9, 2015

Hi, Friday! {a weekly round-up}

Did you see the recap of Caleb's first birthday? I finally got around to sharing it yesterday! And in case you missed it: my 30 week bumpdate and #TheEverdayHomeTour.
 I'm just not sure that I'll ever stop loving Fridays so much. Even though the next three weekends are jammed packed and have me feeling a bit tired before they even start...I still love Fridays. Caleb has been working on 4 molars {!!!} and fighting a cold this week, so I feel like we've alternated between cuddly/a little sad and his typical non-stop toddler wildness. I've legitimately crashed by the time Justin came home every night this week and our house looks a bit like a toddler tornado has hit it, which is exactly the case. But its also been a really good week in other ways. We've kept busy every day with swimming, play dates, bible study, some long walks, a more Sesame Street that I should probably admit. Tonight I have book club, and while I didn't get a chance to read a single page of the book and sort of just want to stay home and hang out with Justin since I'll miss him most of the weekend, I'm going. It will be so good to leave the house {sans toddler} and just unwind with some great ladies for a few hours. So here's to the weekend and finding ways to recharge wherever we can!

// Call me a 15 year old fan girl, but I looooove this song. Good job, Biebs.

// As if I needed another excuse to waste time, Jen has me wanting to rewatch the entire GG series. Rory + Logan 4 Lyfe.

// I'm always serious about having my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving and this year I'm feeling an extra push to finish it all before November {hi baby! Feel free to come by Thanksgiving!}. So anyways, my family always makes a huge GoogleDoc Christmas list and my sister put this beauty on her list. Naturally, I copied her immediately and added it to mine. So pretty!

// And speaking of Christmas gifts, what are you loving this year? I'm always looking for ideas! If you need one {for yourself or someone you really, really love} this bag is the shiz. In every way. Don't even bother looking at the photos because they don't do it justice, just trust me that in person its beautiful and wonderful. And its made by sweet women in India by hand, women who are considered outcasts in society but are finding a way to make a dignified living for themselves by creating beautiful accessories like this tote. Have I convinced you yet??

// This awesome sale is still going on! Which I'm writing as much to remind myself as I am for you, because I totally have to bite the bullet and buy our double stroller today!

// I have zero desire to climb a huge mountain, but reading about Justin's Kimimanjaro experience is pretty fascinating!

// And if you need a reason to smile today, watch this sweet man. I mean, he's hilarious!

Happy weekending!

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