Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursdays with Caleb. {first birthday}

Nearly 4 months ago {!!!}, Caleb turned one. Since he's still basically a baby and has no ability to remember/care too much about the actual celebration, we purposefully kept it low key. We only invited a handful of people and truly tried to keep it small and simple. 

  We reserved a shelter at the park a couple of blocks away, put up a few simple decorations, and called it a party! Since it was late Sunday afternoon, we had a few savory and sweet bites and a little trail mix bar for people to make & take their own mix home. 

  After the kids played and the adults chatted for a bit, we sang and gave Caleb his little cake {which he clearly LOVED}. Then we just kept playing and eventually cleaned up just in time to escape a huge downpour. 

double-fisting the cake...

Totally my kid. I close my eyes when I eat delicious cake, too...

  Looking at these photos again reminds me of a little sidenote. We are in such a sweet spot of life right now, and God has seen fit to purposefully bless us with friends in the same season. I have a handful of friends who have kiddos Caleb's exact age. Watching them grow together over the last year was really fun and I'm so excited to watch them have more and more fun playing together as they get older! Each subsequent birthday party has been more fun than the last as they play better together {and I'm pretty sure Owen is happy he's not the only walker anymore...the others can finally keep up!}. 

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