Tuesday, October 20, 2015

32 weeks. {round two}

  We have a name {first and middle!}, crib set up, dresser almost painted, and double stroller ready! All of the sudden, we're more prepared {with stuff, at least} for this guy than we were when Caleb arrived. We finally got rid of our guest bed and as sad as it was to basically throw it away, it was so nice to start doing things in the new nursery. I have been a non-stop get-stuff-done machine since then! We're keeping the whole room simple and not doing too much, but just clearing out the closest and moving things to the newly organized attic and getting our old dresser painted feels good. Our weekends and evenings from now until my due date have filled up crazy fast and I was getting a bit overwhelmed at the thought of crossing all of our must-do's off the list. Not anymore!
  Can we talk about how emotional I am these days? Caleb and I drove to MI last week to spend a few days with Lauren and Mark and to finally meet baby Davy, who I've just prayed so much for. On the drive home, I just thought about how good God is. In hard seasons and in seasons of abundance. It's so bittersweet that one of my closest friends is also a boy mom of two, and that only 3 of our boys will grow up together. But our boys get to grow up together! Seeing Caleb with Davy was so much fun {even though I worried he would crush him because 'gentle' is not in his vocabulary yet...} and I can't wait to add another to our mix!
  And then there are those ladies in that picture. I showed up to Cooking Club last night and they surprised me with gifts and cupcakes and so much excitement for this new little baby.  We are far from a perfect group of friends and we probably fumble around a little as we navigate the different parts of life together, but we don't give up. Babies and marriages and new houses and miscarriages and infertillity and challenges at work- we all have different things going on. And we all try hard to walk through those things together. I will never, ever be able to say how sweetly God answered my prayers when he landed me in this group 2.5 years ago. I'm so unsure about how life as a stay at home mom with two under two will look like, but knowing I have these girls around makes me so much more confident about it.
  Here's to 8 {or less?} weeks until we meet our little guy!

Ps. 32 weeks with Caleb!                                 

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k8te said...

you look great! yay deciding on a name!