Friday, September 25, 2015

Its Fall! {weekly round-up}

  TGIF! The older I get, the more I appreciate and feel that statement. Also, yes. That is a hilarious photo of my child playing dress up. You're welcome! I feel like that explains life this week. Whatever makes you happy child, whatever makes you happy. Including walking/crawling all over the airport/plane and picking up every single gross germ. Or playing with the dog's empty food bowl on your head. You do you, and I'll enjoy these 3 minutes of peace, mkay?
  But really, its the weekend! I'm celebrating baby number two tonight with some of my most favorite ladies and tomorrow we're going nursery shopping {we have nothing but adorable Little Brother pjs for this child. And a name! We have a name!}. Did I mention that we're not taking Caleb? An entire day together without the kiddo! {Thanks, Lori!} 
  And in case you need a little reading for your weekend...

//I just started doing a little decorating for Fall {emphasis on a little} and am trying, like last year to spend little or no money on cute new decor. I've been eying these gorgeous canvases, but could never bring myself to pay that much for them. And then yesterday my friend Caitlin created this little beauty! And at $5, I can totally afford to buy that baby and even share it with a few friends as Fall gifts! Also, Anne of Green Gables for life. 

//We're headed to ikea tomorrow {baby things!} and I really want to get Caleb this play kitchen. But since Justin thinks kitchen are for girls {I know}, I'm thinking of snagging this cheap table and hacking it {like this} to make a little art/whatever table for Caleb's Christmas present. 

//And speaking of Christmas, I'm getting a head start on my shopping again this year! I'm always motivated to finish before Thanksgiving, but having a baby on the way is giving me an extra push. I'm also so annoyed at the short return/exchange policies stores have, so I got SO excited this week when I saw all of these sale goodies {I want that colorful scarf!!} AND learned that Noonday has modified their policy to allow returns/exchanges until late January. Hooray for early shopping!

//The last two-ish weeks have been crazy, and by that I just mean I've had little/no time away from my precious child. Still, I was determined to find time to read this book everyone and their mom has been talking about. And I did it! I may have read the entire last chapter while literally chasing Caleb around the house, but I did it. Read this book. It's so funny and lighthearted while challenging and encouraging at the same time.

//Speaking of must-try things- the Jock Jams Pandora station. You'll thank me later.

//Because this week's round-up is lacking anything remotely thought provoking, I'm loving this post/quote from Ashley. Let's all be hummingbird's people. 

//And, just in case you need a good laugh this weekend, watch this

Happy first weekend of Fall! Do something fun! :)

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