Monday, September 28, 2015

29 weeks. {round two}

 The thing about second pregnancies and babies {and I'm guessing third and fourth, etc} is that they sort of get lost in the shuffle. Unintentionally, of course. But when you're pregnant for the first time around, you are able to think about the baby all the time. Becoming a parent is at the top of your mind and the topic of a lot of your conversations. So much excitement and celebration happens throughout that first pregnancy.
  The second time around, you already are a parent. You're busy and it's harder to take time to think, dream about, and celebrate the newest little one. Maybe that's why I feel like this pregnancy has flown by in every way? 
  Of course, all the little kicks and rolls and undeniable symptoms remind me of this little guy all the time. But I'm sort of alone in that, no one else feels those things. I find myself dreaming of who is going to be and how our family will grow in the best ways once he comes all the time. But those are pretty private things, or just between Justin and me.
  So it was extra special when, this past Friday, some of my closest friends and family got together just to celebrate our newest little boy. My sisters planned the get together at one of my favorite local places {if you're local, you must try it out!} and invited a small handful of ladies. The table was set beautifully {thanks for the flowers, mom!} and the menu was perfect {I'm a sucker for charcuterie and delicious desserts}. But mostly, it was just special to take a couple hours out of life, step away from chasing my toddler and cleaning the house {my life on repeat these days} and just focus on this new little life with people I love. I think I've mentioned before that this pregnancy has been a little isolating. But laughing and dreaming about this little guy with these ladies reminded me how supported our family is and how loved this baby is, before he's even here. I remember talking with Justin at one point during grad school about how I so wanted close girlfriends who lived nearby and a genuine community of people to do life with. He encouraged me to start praying specifically for that and now, 4 years later, that's exactly what God has given me and it's so sweet. 
  Saturday Justin and I were able to get away for the day and pick up the new crib. It was really nice to be alone together for an entire day sans toddler and talk about life and the future. We're not oblivious to the fact that having two kids under two will be crazy and we sort of feel like we're gearing up for that by taking advantage of all these quiet moments we can get.
  So, it was a great weekend. We celebrated our new little guy and stocked up on lots of diapers and sweet outfits. And, thanks to some really generous gifts from family and friends, we bought his new crib and a really, really special sign that I can't wait to hang in his nursery. I can't wait to get started on the room!

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