Friday, August 21, 2015

Rolled ice cream, 30 before 30, and a brave 10 year-old. {a weekly round-up}

  I mean. Can you even? That booty and those chunky thighs! Also, I'm aware that Caleb is pretty much always half-dressed or only wearing a diaper. We're minimalists over here? 
  For some reason, this has seemed like the longest week ever. Maybe it has to do with Caleb's new extreme attachment to me and the real tears that happen when I am even halfway out of his sight? Makes for some long days over here. But it's Friday! We have pretty much no plans for the weekend, which sounds wonderful. I'll just being doing some dreaming and planning for my little party coming up {are you coming??} and rounding out my 30 before 30 list. And hopefully starting another book I've been waiting to read. And maybe doing a little thinking about baby number two and the things we'll need for him in a few short months? I might still be in denial about that one. But really, a wild weekend around here. I know.
  And, in case you need some fun reads for your weekend, here's what I'm loving around the internet this week!

// There's lots of crappy stuff in the news these days. But one awesome story this week was of a 10 year-old girl who, after being bitten by a shark {!!!}, went back into the water to rescue her 6 year-old friend. So so sweet!
// We stopped into Bath & Body Works last night to pick up some new hand soaps and Justin let me indulge in one of my top five candles and now I'm eying the website like its my job to catch when they go on super sale and I can stock up even more! 
// I love this story about how one of my favorite companies is helping women in Ethiopia build better lives and avoid having to put their own children up for adoption. So powerful!
// My friend Chelsea sent me this video and I just about peed my pants from laughing so hard {honestly. Second pregnancies and bladders don't mix}. Maybe only moms will think it's funny? I actually hate chicken right now, but still obsessively love Chick Fil A!
// With only a few months before baby number two comes, I'm feeling a huge push to tackle a few house projects I know we just won't get to after he comes. Like this {supposedly easy} headboard! 
// Justin keeps talking about this new ice cream trend, and while I'm not terribly curious, I am craving some ice cream now! Maybe I'll pick some up today...

Happy weekending! :) 

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