Tuesday, August 25, 2015

24 weeks. {round two}

Let's talk about how much I love my new full length mirror {finally!} but am questioning how unflattering it is!
 I'm sure this will totally jinx it, but my nausea seems to be 98% gone! Hooray! I can't let myself get too hungry or it comes back. Other than that, I just have to eat real meals {go figure!} to keep it at bay and feel like a normal person. Thank you Jesus for protein bars, Subway, and a husband who constantly nags me to eat!
  We're slowly thinking of what we'll need for this little guy. Of course, we have all the basics since we just did this a year ago. But we also need some big things like nursery furniture {ikea to the rescue again!} and a double stroller. I've started a little BabyList to keep track of it all and help us prioritize it all {baby crap is pricey!!}. I'm pretty sad to lose our guest room and not be able to host out of town friends anymore, but its inevitable. We probably won't do tons decorate the space since we want to move soon-ish, but I'm eying a few cute decor pieces and rugs to still make it simple and cute. All that to say, if you want to come visit one last time before we pack up the guest bed- our door is open!
  And on a fun and super random note- I bought Caleb and the baby coordinating Christmas pj's last week and I'm all of the sudden so excited for the holidays! Add to that the PotteryBarn email I got today reminding me that I'll need another stocking this year and I just can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas- we'll be meeting our new little guy and watching Caleb really enjoy it all this year. So much to look forward to!

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Anonymous said...

I am totally going to be stalking your list for your newest baby must-haves! Thanks for sharing!