Thursday, August 20, 2015

Quality over quantity.

  After a weekend learning from women much wiser and further along in life than myself and celebrating my last birthday in my 20's, there's been one thing playing on repeat in my head. Quality over quantity.
  I'm not sure I've ever been terribly concerned with popularity or having lots of attention, friends, or even things. But I think everyone places value on those in some way, you know? If I compare my 19th birthday to my 29th, there is such a stark difference. I'm sure there were specific material things I wanted as gifts and I received no less than two dozen birthday wishes. Those are terrible things. But this year, I truly don't have any birthday wishes {well, unless you count having Justin hang curtains for me. That would be the best gift!} and I received less than a dozen birthday wishes.
  And before you think I'm fishing for more, I'm not. Because the ones I did receive were full of love and encouragement and genuine friendship. I'll take 5 meaningful and lasting birthday cards over 50 facebook messages any day. Truly. Quality over quantity.
  I'm learning that I don't need a wide circle of community, but I do need a deep one. There is nothing bad about small talk and fun, surface relationships. But there is something invaluable about friendships that speak truth, celebrate highs and mourn lows, and are steady through the years. That's probably been the greatest lesson of my 20's.
  At the conference I attended, we heard from women who have been supporting each other for twenty years. They kept referring to each other as their 'porch', their community of support, encouragement, and fun. It's unrealistic to think that you can fit everyone onto your metaphorical porch. Even Jesus had a smaller group of friends within his wide circle. But I really believe that, especially the older you get, you need that smaller group. You need your own porch of supporters, encouragers, truth speakers, and hilarious people to do fun things with. You just do.
  Quality over quantity. I don't need lots of stuff in my home anymore, but I do want to love the physical things I own. I don't need more hours in the day, but I do need to use the ones I have with intention and purpose. I don't need 50 friends to send me "Happy birthday!" texts, but I do need 5 friends to pray for me and remind me that I'm doing some things well and to laugh and cry with me. Quality over quantity.

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