Friday, May 8, 2015

Summer is here! {a weekly round-up}


  In true Midwest fashion, summer has quickly edged Spring out. So much sunshine! And heat! That just means I can/should/have to get my garden planted asap {coughHUSBANDcough} and we now have all the excuses we need for endless pitchers of pink lemonade, watermelon slices, pool parties {who is inviting me over??}, and porch sitting. You guys, summer is here and I'm in love.     
  What are you doing this weekend? I have grand plans to buy 10 bags of compost & manure for my garden and hopefully convince Justin to let me order my favorite pizza for supper one night. We are living large around here! 

Since leaving my job/work based planner behind last summer, I've been all out of sorts. Emily just released her gorgeous new editions and I'm trying to think of all the ways I can justify spending the money on a new one for myself! 

In the spirit of spending money, I'm also dying {exaggeration?} to have some of these to send out! 

I don't usually consider myself a creative person, but Emily has me second guessing that.

Have you heard about the little boy that can fly? Get your tissues ready. 

This song. I can't wait for the entire album to be released! 

I'm totally late to this ballgame, but do you know about Pinterest's secret boards? Genius. I may have rekindled my love with Pinterest, just because creating secret boards about gift giving or party planning is so much fun!

To the wide spectrum of moms this weekend, and always. We grieve, celebrate, hope, and walk with you.

Happy weekending!

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Unknown said...

I love the interview that you did with Emily! It's great to see you look inside yourself and identify that you are creative (very creative in my opinion), but it's different than other people's creativity. I think being creative in how you relate to people is so important and it make people feel so loved. I know my husband is creative in the same way and I feel so loved by his creative gifts, so I'm sure others are blessed by yours too!