Thursday, May 7, 2015

In the garden. {seeds to be sown}.

  This is my fourth year planting a garden at our house, and I kind of have it nailed down. I know what we like and will actually use- and what we won't. I didn't start anything by seed this year for transplants, so I'll be stopping by the greenhouse this week to pick up my veggies just in time for planting this weekend. Even still, there are a few things that are perfect for starting by seed. I have three all time favorites. Basil is ridiculously easy to grow and keep harvesting into fall. We've discovered a dozen different recipes and ways to use it and look forward to breaking those out each summer. And for flowers? You guys. Cut flowers are my greatest gardening surprise. One day, if we have more space, I want to have a garden bed just for flowers! Zinnias are my absolute favorite and I keep bud vases full of them throughout our house all summer. I also love this annual cut flower mix - it's like a surprise seeing them pop up and bloom since it is such a mix. 
  What are you planting this year? Veggies? Fruits? {I don't have the patience for strawberries...} Herb? Blooms? I love hearing what other people love in their garden and on their stoops!

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