Friday, May 22, 2015

It's Friday! {a weekly round-up}

  This weekend is a double whammy- it's the weekend {!!!} and a holiday. Amen? We were out of town last weekend {left the baby at home} and are heading out again today {baby in tow}, so it kind of seems like we've hardly been home lately. But when your plans include staying with friends, pool parties {fingers crossed for warm weather, Chicago!}, and visiting a Crate and Barrel outlet- it's totally worth it.
  I've been horrible at documenting life lately, and I miss it. So this is my public resolve to get back to it. Starting with some thoughts on loving my home {this and this have my wheels turning}, our favorite baby food recipes, and embracing the season of life I'm finding myself in. Riveting stuff, right? So stay tuned next week!
  Until then, happy holiday weekend! Here are some reads to tide you over!

I broke out my strawberry vanilla pound cake recipe this week and remembered all over again why its a summer staple in our house.

Did you know that Netflix has some HGTV shows now? I'm probably really late to that game, but it's awesome. I've watched some Flea Market Flip this week and am now hankering for some good yard sales. Anyone want to join me next weekend??

Damn ants. That seems self-explanatory. We get ants EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. and it drives me bananas. I was ready and armed with those little bait traps this year, so here's to hoping they're gone in a day or so. I HATE ANTS. Ick. Have any home remedies for me that are actually worth trying??

And if you need a great show to watch this weekend, I've got one for you. I'm obsessed with The Royals on E!. You guys. It's like a british Gossip Girl. So so good!

Happy weekending! 

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Does Netflix have Fixer Upper? I think you would LOVE Joanna and Chip Gains. Take a look at their website: