Thursday, June 4, 2015

Caleb. {eleven months}

{Nevermind that this post is more than two weeks late and Caleb will actually be ONE in a week and a half- and these photo really reflect more what he's like at one instead of 11 months!}
  11 months! Caleb is less and less baby every day and more and more toddler. He understands his name and when I tell him 'no'. He loves to drink from his sippy cup and is eating 4 solid meals each day. As soon as he turned 11 months old, we stopped nursing. Caleb is eating so much and was nursing so little, that we decided {along with our doctor!} that it was time. And we transitioned to milk/frozen breast milk bottles seamlessly! By the time he's one, we'll have worked through our frozen stash of pumped milk and he'll be 100% transitioned to regular milk. 
  Even more exciting? Caleb woke up one morning this month and decided he was over his laziness! He started planking and rolling all over to get to things. Our favorite thing has become letting him roll around and explore in the evenings before bed. He can get to anything he wants and is pretty darn creative at how he does it. 
  It's been so fun to just watch things click for him over these past few weeks. We can truly see him developing new skills every single day! Another new thing? He takes less time to warm up to new people and places and is a little less serious everyday. I used to sound like a broken record when we ran errands and strangers tried to get him to smile ("He's just a serious baby!"), but now he hands out the smiles to anyone and everyone who will let him flirt. That little personality is so fun!
  The last big thing that happened this month was our first trip together away from him. We had planned to go away this summer around our anniversary, but had to cash in the grandma-babysitting favor earlier than we'd hoped for a memorial service. We were gone for 4 days, and Caleb did awesome! It was the perfect time for us to transition from nursing to bottle. And, of course, it was so wonderful to come home and see him after being away!

New this month:: first long trip away from mom and dad, planking and rolling to explore, shaking head 'no', waving, drinking from cup

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