Friday, April 3, 2015

{a weekly round-up}

  Hey heyyyy, Friday! As you can tell by my list, I have a fun weekend  ahead of me. Ha! But add in an egg hunt for our dogs, lots of family time, and, of course, celebrating Jesus's resurrection  and I can't wait. About a million people seemed to have asked me what we bought Caleb for Easter and what his outfit looks like. Honestly? We're just using a random basket from around the house and filling it with things he needs/we already bought him {like this awesome book explaining Easter and a sippy cup}. And he's wearing an outfit already in his closet. Because he's 9 months old and has zero idea it's Easter and I'm totally fine with not going overboard.  Sue me?? 
  But anywayssssss. Here are some things I'm loving from around the internets this week! Happy weekending! 

Has anyone tried Allegiant Airlines? Justin and I are thinking of taking a mini vacation soon-ish, but really don't want to break the bank. We haven't picked a place yet, but I'm thinking we have to take advantage of Allegiant's crazy low airfare!

And speaking of trips, I think my girlfriend Meg and I are going to this conference in August and I AM SO EXCITED! It's totally not trendy or popular {like this one}, but it is packed with really wise women that I can't wait to hear from. Plus, it's in Louisville and I do love that city. Cannot wait!

Have you seen the feud between Ellen and Matt Lauer? It's like extreme pranking and I'm dying at how they keep one-upping each other.

Are there things you have to have to make it a good day? I read this post by Maggie and caught myself shaking my head. Me too, sister, me too. If just those two things happen, it is a good day.

I love filling our house to the brim and sharing our table. When Justin built me a dining room table, I prayed for any and every excuse to gather people around it as often as possible. That hasn't happened as much lately because our house isn't always clean and it feels so cramped and I might be the only one in our house who loves hosting. BUT reading Sarah's story about kicking the excuses, embracing the 'normal' {like a cluttered, cramped space}, and serving nearly 1600 people in 3 years from her own backyard has me motivated.

Speaking of my cluttered, cramped house? I need to learn to love it a bit more. This book literally just came out this week, but I am DYING for our library to stock it so I can dive in.

I've been a stay at home mom for almost 10 months now, and I really love it. I don't take a second of it for granted. Sometimes it seems like other people have a big misconception of what SAHM life is really like, but it doesn't usually bother me too much when people assume I stay in my pjs all day while getting pedicures and watching Real Housewives. So I found this post about the cost of being a Stay-At-Home Mom fascinating. 

I'd love to be one of those people that reads the newspaper everyday or watches the news, but I'm just not. When the news is on, I'm usually making supper or entertaining Caleb. I've been getting this awesome email subscription for a couple months now and love being more up to date on life around the world. It's the lazy man's guide to current events, really. 

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