Monday, April 6, 2015


  I love Easter. So much hope and joy and reason to celebrate! I've been reading in Leviticus and Numbers lately, and all the Old Testament law  {so many rules and sacrifices and regulations} have highlighted this holiday for me. We aren't bound by Levitical law or separated from entering into God's holiness or required to make physical animal sacrifices because Jesus was our sacrifice. That story and what it means just won't get old to me!
  After going to the early service at church, we headed to my parents house to celebrate with everyone. My mom does such an awesome job making a great meal, setting a beautiful table, planning a kid and adult egg hunt, stuffing ELEVEN baskets with goodies, and organizing a fun challenge for the guys. I mean, she seriously outdoes herself! 
  With all the kids {we went from two toddlers last year to FIVE grandkids this year!}, its a bit hectic and getting good, family photos is nearly impossible. But the candid ones are so special, too. I'm thankful for cousin shots and capturing my dad with his littlest grandsons. I also learned that the newborns get completely overshadowed by rambunctious toddlers, but really its their fault because they sleep so much! Here's to getting a full cousin photo before the littlest turns one. 
  It was, all in all, such a full-to-the-brim weekend. I washed some windows! We made some real headway on our bonus room {after 3 years!}. We discovered a new AMAZING pizza place! There were Reese's eggs involved. And most importantly, we celebrated the best thing ever. Hope you had a great Easter, too! 

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