Friday, February 13, 2015

Random. {a weekly round up}

 TGIF! I've been counting down to the weekend since Tuesday- because my sister had her little boy this week and I can't wait to visit and snuggle with him some more {hospital flu restrictions kept Caleb, aka me, from visiting}. Bring on the newborn goodness! I also whipped up some Galentine's goodies and am dropping them off in some mailboxes today. And it's our engage-aversary. SO many things to enjoy this weekend!
  But first, here's my really random weekly round-up. In case you missed it, here's what was on the blog this week:: some thoughts on the mundane bits of spring cleaning, a new blog series {and some input from you!}, and another Thursdays with Caleb post. And here's what I'm loving from around the internets this week...

//Do you watch Jimmy Fallon? Yeah, me neither. It's on too late for me and we don't have a DVR. BUT I love his epic lip sync battles with celebrities, they're always good for a laugh. This one is hilarious {minus Kevin Hart} and Emma Stone is probably the most epic lip sync'er ever

//This post by Shauna. It's about using your words more often and more bravely to encourage others. Amen

//These aren't blog post, but in case you're on the hunt for some fun cards to celebrate this weekend here are the ones I'm sending out: Galentine's Day! Valentine's day!

//This birth story. Life is hard and full of not fun things, so hearing stories like Emily's just do my heart a lot of good. After a miscarriage and knowing too many friends who have lost little ones, I am blown away by healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I think I extra love this post because I got another nephew this week and I'm loving all things newborn right now!

//Do you know about Lara Casey? The editor-in-chief of Southern Weddings? She wrote this article for Huff Post about living on purpose, not despite our flaws, but with them. So good! It has me excited to finally dive into this book that's been sitting on my table for a week now.

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