Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Garden growing. {1}

  This is my 2nd year of gardening {on my own}, and I can't get over how many lessons I keep learning. Growing up, we had this massive garden with just about everything you can imagine in it and it was so much work. At least that's my how my 8 year old self felt about snapping green beans for hours. But now that I'm older and have a 6'x12' baby-sized garden plot- I totally appreciate all the work that goes into a really good garden. I'm nowhere close to having a really good garden, and I'm pretty sure that I make more mistakes than right moves each year. Gardening is definitely one of those practice-makes-perfect things. Maybe in 10 years I'll be a pro? In an effort to keep track of my lessons-learned and not make the same mistakes twice, I've started a list of what garden growing has taught me so far. Feel free to chime in with any and all advice, because homegirl could sure use it!

::Starting by seed is cheapest, but slowest. Start seeds inside by the first week of April.

::Plan, plan, plan. And always give plants more space than you think they need.

::MiracleGro is a gardener's bff.

::Don't plant cilantro. Its cute and all, but we don't eat enough of it.

::Don't plant carrots. Too much space for too little crop.

::Don't plant beans. Justin won't eat them.

::Plant more peppers. We love our green peppers.

::Plant more squash- {while considering the whole Squash Bug Debacle of 2013}

::Squash bugs are a thing and they will kill your favorite veggie {zucchini} and you will cry. Do some research on preventing them for next year...

::Garden flowers are the bomb.com. because they equal fresh cute flowers for months on end. But maybe start a new plot just for them? They kind of get massive...


Chelsea E. said...

So...when we finally move somewhere and buy a house, expect a lot of questions. I'm completely impatient about starting a garden. I want to grow so much food!

Amanda said...

I seriously love this!! Thinking I will have a garden of veggies & flowers next year :) like always, thanks for the inspiration 👍 keep the tips coming!!

Allison said...

I love this!! I want a garden! Your garden flowers are amazing and I'm jealous of the veggies you've gotten this year too!

TwoFourFive said...

What fun! I've always wanted to start a garden...but I think, for me, it's sort of like scrapbooking. Something I think I would like, but in the end, not want to do it anymore. I'll just admire your garden from afar!