Monday, August 12, 2013

Symphony on the Prairie.

   One of our unofficial summer goals has been to explore Indy a bit more. Months ago, we talked about going to Symphony on the Prairie for Motown night with some friends. On Friday, we all met up at Conner Prairie, armed with enough snacks for 10 people and plenty of beer and wine. We were totally put to shame by the Symphony pros who brought full size picnic tables and tablecloths and citronella candles. Next time, we'll be far more prepared. Even with our hodge podge picnic, we had a blast listing to some throwbacks and helping the Contours relive their glory days. Tons of fun! I even saw a local celebrity {that no one else in our group had heard of...} But we'll probably be sticking with our {cheaper and closer} park concerts. Either way, live music and byob? Yes, please. 
 In other news, I'm in denial that summer is almost over. Not. Fair. 


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Who doesn't know Bob Gregory?! Shameful.
Love Symphony on the Prairie! It's always good to branch out.

Emily said...

i haven't been to symphony on the prairie in YEARS! who lives in indy and doesn't know bob gregory? do they not watch channel 13 at all?!??

glad you had fun! it was a beautiful night for it!