Monday, June 10, 2013

iPhone weekend.

 The weekend that started off with my dog eating my pajamas ended with homemade peach pie and some episodes of The Office in bed. It was one of those weekends that was just really full and for no reason in particular. We hung out downtown on Friday with friends, lounged around on Saturday but still found time to stop by the library's book sale and run a 5k in honor of a friend's dad, wore out the pups on a local trail on Sunday and didn't fail at pie-making. 
  This week is a short one for me, since I have the last of my PTO to burn. I woke up this morning feeling notsohot physically and a little less than stellar spiritually, only to realize the weather matched my mood. I started writing this post- and had a bit of a reality check. John 10:10 came to mind, and now I can't stop thinking about how true it is that satan comes to kill, steal & destroy. And how easily I let him. Yesterday afternoon I felt great, this morning that joy was so easily deflated. C.S. Lewis once said, "Do not let your happiness depend on something you may lose." Oh. Despite some of my best efforts, that's just what I do. Especially with things I feel so out of control of {Hi, I'm Katie and I love control}. So today, I'm trying to choose joy. Not because life is sunshine & rainbows {in fact, there's a literal thunderstorm outside right now}, but because I had a really wonderful full weekend. Because I am really, deeply blessed in the ways that matter. And everything else, well I'm trusting that Jesus knows what he's up to. Amen? Here's to letting my happiness depend on the only thing I'll never lose.

  How was your weekend? Far less melodramatic than mine, I hope. :D

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Holly Osbeck said...

Oh my word, I woke up feeling the exact same way today! I seriously, desperately needed to hear the C.S. Lewis quote...and was also thinking about how Satan has been conquered and will not bring me down today (despite work changes and my need for control too). Katie, thank you for the encouragement and reminding me that it's okay to be human!