Friday, June 7, 2013

Best of my days. {17}.

  Hey hey its Friday! I've been kind of dragging this week, so I'm extra excited for our date night tonight, a 5k tomorrow, and and lazy Sunday. 
  It seemed really fitting to include this video below in my post about thankfulness this week. It was made by our office intern and Little Brother, Damon. {Its also on our agency facebook page} He made it for his mentors and its pretty sweet. Maybe it will encourage you to become a mentor? Or just tell someone you're thankful for them today. Either way, happy weekend-ing!!

201. rainy saturday
202. productive sunday
203. deep-cleaned bedroom
204. grown up pups!
205. picking up an old favorite devotional
206. gaining mileage
207. cool, evening walks through the park
208. planning a date night
209. adult summer reading program at the library
210. homemade pizza

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stacey said...

Talk about a tear-jerker! I cried watching that video!!! Jim and Jayne have the privilege of being a part of something bigger than themselves...isn't that what we all wish for in life? Thanks for sharing, Katie. Hope you're enjoying your lazy Sunday :)