Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I'm so behind in the craft and diy world.
{I blame grad school}
I've had 'make a yarn wreath' on my craft list for over a year now,
but just got to it last night. 

You see, funds are a bit low for the Rush fam, as for the past 3 years only one of us ever had a full time job. We've taken turns being in school and supporting each other :)
But that results in zero funds for extras crafts. So I have to stock up one by one, and very slowly.
And for less than $10! {felt @ Wal-Mart for $.75, yarn @ Wal-Mart for $3, baker's twine from Pick Your Plum as a gift for FREE!, wreath for $6ish on super discount at Hobs Lobs} 

But I finally had everything I needed to make a wintery wreath for our new house!!!!
Whaddya think?

Also, why does NO ONE say how terrible it is to wrap the yarn around the wreath?!?! It took FOREVER and my fingers/arms/upper body was SOOOOORE. Did I do something wrong?!


Sam W. said...

it turned out great!!! i can imagine it took forever.

laureneshepherd said...

i made a few of these this fall and my fingers were rubbed raw (especially when using twine) when i was done. it's a commitment - but your wreath is BEAUTIFUL. i seriously thought it was an image you pulled from some other blog. love it!

Emily grapes said...

I love it. Its so pretty!!
I can't imagine taking the time to wrap the yarn around the entire wreath. Major props to you for doing it.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

meme-and-he said...

I was going to ask how long that took! Ha! looks super cute though.

Leigh said...

So glad that I'm not the only one! I made a yarn wreath a couple weeks ago & I wanted to cry!
It is WAY harder than people say.
:) :)
Love, Leigh

Anonymous said...

I l.o.v.e the red and white twine. I saw some similar at a cute store recently but it was $18 (!!!are you kidding me, serriously), so I touched it longingly and walked away. All that to say, I'm jealous of yours. And your wreath is lovely and thanks for the heads up on the side effects of yarn wrapping.

Denise said...

looks great though :) reminds me of candy canes! i wanna get my hands on some bakers twine too :)